CHI 2019 SIG on Evaluation

We are organizing a SIG at CHI 2019, on Thursday (May 09) from 9 am to 11.20 am. It will take place in the Island A CROWNE room. The SIG focuses on evaluating educational technologies with and for disabled children. There will be three discussion tables to discuss difficulties in evaluations identified during previous events and research.

Practical difficulties when conducting evaluations: What makes a good qualitative evaluation? How to answer to reviewers who think there should be more participants in the study, even though there are very few people with this type of impairments? What are the experiment design accepted in this field of research? We are mindmapping questions and advices collaboratively. Are you new to this field and have questions? Do you have advices to give? Come to the SIG and participate!

The OECD Learning Framework 2030 identifies individual and community well-being as the main goals of education. How should HCI account for these new goals? What new criteria for evaluating the success of a technology should we use? Come to the SIG and weigh on the issue!

There are no reviews of the type(s) of evaluation for inclusive educational technologies in HCI. How should we go about conducting this? What are the criteria you want to see in a literature review? Should we develop taxonomies of these technologies to simplify the design, evaluation and review process? What should be the level of granularity of systematic reviews? If you want to learn about the literature reviews we are currently conducted on evaluations of technologies for visually impaired people, or if you want to contribute to this community effort… Come to the SIG!

Do you think we’re missing something? There will be a table for discussing that, and we will post the outcomes online.

Do you just want to hang out and network with fellow researchers? We’ll have a corner to help you do just that!