Call for Participation

This CHI2018 workshop aims at bringing together HCI researchers and practitioners to share knowledge into methods and tools in the areas of education and visual impairment. The one-day workshop will combine submissions presentations with focus groups and hands-on activities exploring key questions including, but not limited to the following:

  • How to better leverage the potential of interaction techniques to maximise educational beneļ¬ts?
  • How to go beyond assistive technologies that only focus on mitigating a functional limitation?
  • How to provide specialised teachers with tools and methods that are easy to adapt to the topic and audience?
  • How to best evaluate appropriate methods to help evaluate impact on teaching and learning practices?

The workshop welcomes contributions in one or more of our themes on education and visual impairment: novel interaction techniques, individual cognition and perception, collaborative learning and inclusion, design and evaluation.

We invite participants to submit 2-4 page position papers in the CHI extended abstracts format. Position papers will be reviewed by the organising committee based on relevance to the workshop and the potential for contributing to discussions. Accepted papers will be presented at the workshop. At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop and all participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the conference.


We will summarise the discussions and the wide range of research presented at the workshop in a report to be published in an HCI journal or a magazine article (e.g., ACM Interaction). We will release a report in multiple formats and invite blog contributions on the subject to foster a community around these issues, themes and directions that emerge from the workshop. We have also built-in time during the workshop for discussing and planning further routes for dissemination and future work.