The full day workshop will combine input from the participants from within their perspectives of research, together with focus group work and hands-on prototyping for critical reflection. The proposed structure is:

  • Welcome
  • Participants Presentations: Brief introduction of research +  highlight one key area of interest to discuss at workshop

Morning break

  • Small group discussions: Identification of key discussion themes from introductions. Nomination of a representative of each theme to lead discussion to identify wider issues. Documentation of key insights


  • Break-out Sessions: Participants break into self-selected groups to discuss and develop materials for one of the key themes. This may include:
    • Explorations of examples of research tools for design activities involving teachers and/ or people with VI (and other stakeholders, such as parents)
    • Hands-on prototyping of education materials
    • Experience sharing of best practices and lessons learned about real-world deployments and evaluation of educational technology
  • Wrap-up of break-out sessions + documentation of key insights

Afternoon break

  • Reporting of key insights
  • Discussion of next steps + Plans for dissemination
  • Workshop summary and Closure

Workshop Dinner (Optional)